Awesome Aliens

Awesome Aliens

Awesome Aliens gives a glimpse into the hidden microscopic world that surrounds us. Featuring the tiny microscopic creatures that inhabit our homes, clothes and even our own bodies.

Awesome Aliens is a 360 degree film created by Patrick Bishop. It was created at a resolution of 5 times HD. 9600 pixels by 1080 pixels.

All the images used in the video were created from scratch by scanning insects in a Scanning Electron Microscope at Plymouth University. The final video was displayed in a 21m diameter, 360 degree dome located in Weymouth during the Olympic and Paralympic games, part of the ’2012 Maritime Mix’.

The screen was 6m high by 65m circumference.

All the SEM images are originally scanned in black and white. They are then coloured in by hand.


SEM image of a Sandhopper by Patrick Bishop

SEM image of Sandhopper by Patrick Bishop

SEM image of Sandhopper Antennae by Patrick Bishop

SEM image of Fly leg by Patrick Bishop

SEM image of Woodlouse by Patrick Bishop

Scanner used to create the microscopic images

Low resolution copy of the finished video.

Image of the video inside the 360 arena


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